Aggregate Classification Map of Canada

You work in the stone and concrete industry? Then here is some interresting information.

One of the key factors that determine the performance of diamond saws and drill bits is the type of aggregate in the concrete or asphalt being cut. “Aggregate” is defined as the stone, gravel and sand used in paving materials like concrete and asphalt.

This aggregate map is not intended, nor should it be used to precisely define all aggregate in a given area. Instead, it is published as a “general guide” to the predominate aggregate hardness (as it relates to sawablilty) likely to be encountered in the areas defined by the various colors.


It should also be pointed out that any aggregate can be sawed. However, the cost of sawing in usually directly related to aggregate hardness and size. This map is simply a reference tool to provide a general sense of aggregate similarity in various areas of the country.