Bessey Tools

Bessey Metal Working Clamps


Clamps for manufacturing, welding, shipbuilding, maintenance and repair.

Bessey Snips


Compound leverage snips, specialty snips, multi-purpose cutters, folding utility knives, etc.

Bessey Woodworking clamps


Professional clamps for woodworking, building furniture and woodworking in general.

Bessey Bearing Heater


BESSEY® Induction Bearing Heaters extend the bearing life and cut operating costs.


Founded in 1889, Bessey is a German family-owned tool manufacturer. Bessey tools are the result of more than a century of experience and innovation, and are sought after by industrial workers and businesses across the globe.

Bessey Tools

Bessey Tools are strong and durable, and fulfill a broad spectrum of functions. Most of them are available in a wide variety of sizes and may be customized to meet specific needs. Bessey tools provide metal workers with advanced solutions to improve daily operations.

Garrett Industrial Inc. will help you find an adequate set of Bessey tools based on your line of work and project breadth. Bessey tools include, but are not limited to, the products listed below.

Parts and Accessories We carry many parts and accessories for product customization, including pads, wedges, plastic replacement caps, end rail clips, etc.
Metal Working Clamps, toggles, vises, industrial magnets, etc.
Cutting Tools Compound leverage snips, specialty snips, multi-purpose cutters, folding utility knives, etc.
Woodworking Tools Cast bar clamps, parallel and case clamps, C-clamps, edge clamps, pipe clamps, strap clamps, spring clamps, angle and miter clamps, etc.
Industrial Fluids and Compounds Spatter release, Lab-metal®, Lab-solvent, Heat Block, etc.
Bearing Heaters Induction bearing heaters, cone-style bearing heaters, pyrometers, thermometers, raising blocks, cross bars, etc.

Garrett Industrial Inc. is a direct distributor of Bessey tools. Our company is active throughout Canada, including the provinces of Ontario (Greater Toronto Area) and Quebec (Montreal and surrounding areas).