Dust collector accessories



Endless bags, thick gauge plastic, 70 feet long (4 per box) for industrial dust collectors.

Hepa filters


Hepa filters, pre-filters, catriges and sock filters meeting the highest standards on the market.

Crush Proof Hose


Standard or abrasive resistant hose, anti-static; available in different diameters.

Dust Collector Accessories


Suction brushes, squeegees, wands, connectors, flap kits, repair parts and more.

Affordable alternatives

We offer several aftermarket and OEM parts for dust collectors such as Klindex, HTC, SASE, Ermator, Husqvarna, Dustcontrol, Dri Eaz, Pullman, Novatek et plusieurs autres. For example, we offer the DUSTERPAC. these heavy duty endless bags are compatible with several popular industrial dust collectors on the market. In fact, it's a clean an affordable solution to facilitate dust management and control.

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