Concrete Grinding Tools

Resin Polishing Pads


A complete range of high quality concrete, stone and fabricator polishing pads.

Diamond grinding segments


OEM and custom diamond grinding segments for most floor grinding machines.

diamond cupwheels


High performance cupwheels specially designed for numerous surface types and hardnesses.

Diamond impregnated pads


A complete line of burnishing pads to achieve and maintain high gloss finished floors.

Concrete Grinding Tools

Whether they are located outdoors or indoors, polished concrete floors make for a great addition. By choosing the right tools, you can give your concrete floors a custom finish. Garrett Industrial Inc. provides a wide range of concrete grinding tools to its clients, each of them carefully selected from the best suppliers on the market.

For high quality and long-lasting results, concrete grinding should be executed with care and with the appropriate tools. For your convenience, we offer a vast array of concrete grinding tools. These tools will allow you to customize each concrete surface for a highly professional finish.

Concrete Grinding Tools

Garrett Industrial Inc. sells many concrete grinding tools, including diamond finishing tools, which are known for their superior performance. Most of our diamond tools are produced by Diamond Productions Canada, an esteemed Canadian manufacturer. Diamond tools are used in grinding and shaping projects.

Garrett Industrial Inc. can supply OEM and custom diamond tooling to fit a wide range of diamond grinding machines (refer to the Concrete Grinding Machines section) such as HTC, Lavina, Husqvarna, Diamatic, PHX, Innovatech, Prepmaster, Kut-Rite, Klindex, Sase, and others.

Parts and Accessories

In addition to its wide range of concrete grinding tools, Garrett Industrial Inc. also sells grinding tools for other types of surfaces. Our inventory includes, but is not limited to, the following parts and accessories:

  • Concrete pads (for wet or dry use)
  • Stone pads (for wet use)
  • Hybrid resin (for wet or dry use)
  • Fabricator pads
  • Resin bond segments
  • Hand pads (for wet or dry use on composites, plastics, engineered stone, fiberglass, glass, granite, or marble)
  • Plateau
  • Antique brush snailock
  • Etc.

Garrett Industrial Inc. specializes in the sale of concrete grinding tools. Our company is active throughout Canada, including the provinces of Ontario (Greater Toronto Area) and Quebec (Montreal and surrounding areas).