Prosoco Conservare Restoration


Prosoco offers a wide range of solutions for restoration, cleaning and consolidation of stone, masonry and concrete surfaces. 

Concrete Protector Guard Consolideck Polished Floor


To protect glossy and natural concrete floors against dirt, oils and spills.

Gemtone Stain for concrete and masonry


A wide range of colors that can be applied on top of or within concrete and masonry.

Maintenance cleaning polished concrete floor


Ecological soaps and maintenance products designed for residential, commercial and industrial use.


Prosoco was founded in 1939 and has since become a revered manufacturer of specialty cleaners and protective treatments for concrete, brick, and stone. Prosoco products were originally restricted to the US market. Today, they are available in markets worldwide, including Canada, the UK, Ireland, and China.

Prosoco Products

Prosoco products are essential in improving the appearance of structural building components such as concrete structures. They are specially designed to meet the needs of the construction industry, and may be used in all types of projects, including heritage building restoration. As a result of 60 years of innovation, Prosoco products are cutting edge and provide clients with practical solutions for the maintenance of masonry structures.

Garrett Industrial Inc. sells many Prosoco products for concrete maintenance, including:

  • Water and oil repellency treatments
  • Wax and cure removers
  • Cure and seal removers
  • Protective treatments
  • Grind-N-Fill
  • Cleaners and degreasers
  • Colour concentrate
  • Floor restorers
  • Protective seals
  • Premium lithium-silicate treatments for extending concrete service-life
  • Stains
  • Etc.

Garrett Industrial Inc. is a direct distributor of Prosoco products. Our company is active throughout Canada, including the provinces of Ontario (Greater Toronto Area) and Quebec (Montreal and surrounding areas).