Industrial Markers

Sakura Low Temperature Solid Paint Markers


Solid paint markers designed to work in cold temperatures even as low as -40C.

Sakura Solid Paint Markers


A wide range of industrial markers available in multiple colors.

Low Halogen Low Chloride Industrial Markers


Low halogen markers for stainless and other alloys sensible to stress and fatigue.

Paint markers for galvanisation


Markings dissolve in the galvanising bath without any contamination.

Solid Paint Markers

Whether they are used for general purposes, welding inspection or any other types of permanent markings, Garrett Industrial Inc. in partnership with Sakura of America and SKM, offers a complete line of specialized and industrial marking solutions.

Sakura of America

Since the 1970's, Sakura has been developing markers and pens for use in industrial environments. Extensive research, development and user feedback has kept Sakura in the forefront of meeting the market demand for specific product performance in various industrial applications.

- Sakura's Low Temperature Solid Paint Markers are the solution when it comes to the northern industry. These markers will stand up in environments that are cold, hot, dry or wet and can even be used under water.

-Other than solid paint markers, Sakura offers a broad range of other markers and pens with tips under .05mm thick and up to 16mm thick. You can view there whole product line by visiting their website at: www.sakuraofamerica.com

Other specialized markers

Garrett Industriel Inc. also offers specialized markers that are adapted to your different needs. For example, our SKM markers for galvanized steel stay visible during the fabrication process and dissapears completely in the bath with zero contamination.

Garrett Industrial Inc. specializes in the sale of industrial equipment and consumables. Our company is active throughout Canada, including the provinces of Ontario (Greater Toronto Area) and Quebec (Montreal and surrounding areas).