Hydraulic Cylinders

Bartell Power Trowel


Long stroke, low profile, standard and industrial grade single-acting, double-acting and spring-return cylinders.

Contec Scarifier


Sidewinder jacks, standard, low-profile and telescoping bottle jacks; Rail maintenance lifting jacks and toe-jacks.

Meuleuse Planétaire


Electric, cordless, hydraulic and air pumps; Precision-matched cylinders and pump set for wide range of applications.

Metabo RSEV 19-125


Clamps, crimpers, cutters, nut splitters, flange spreaders, portable hydraulic punches, testers and pullers.


The Power Team portfolio features hydraulic pumps covering a wide variety of flow stage configurations and reservoir capacities, compact yet powerful jacks, cylinders (single and double action) and valves (load-lowering, shut-off, pressure-reducing, sequence, metering, etc.). In addition, Power Team supplies nut splitters, in-line drives, spreaders, bridge lifts, shop presses, mobile floor cranes and torque wrenches. Through this comprehensive portfolio, Power Team attends to the needs of the construction, automotive assembly, mining, shipbuilding, manufacturing and industrial processing sectors. Thanks to rugged design plus advanced protective coatings, Power Team equipment is able to cope with deployment in the most uncompromising of applications. It thereby delivers ongoing functional reliability under a range of stresses to an extent. As well as providing repair and maintenance services, Power Team also offers on-site safety training so customers can support the wellbeing of their workforce in potentially hazardous environments.

Garrett Industrial Inc. specializes in the sale of SPX Flow Power Team Hydraulic cylinders and equipment. Our company is active throughout Canada, including the provinces of Ontario (Greater Toronto Area) and Quebec (Montreal and surrounding areas).