Bug-O Systems

Serre-joints Bessey


Cutting systems designed for track cutting, circular cutting and pipe cutting.

Cisailles Bessey


Track, trackless, weaving and circular welding machines.

Serre-joints Ébénisterie


Different welding machines are available to perform all the maneuvers necessary for your specific jobs.

Chauffe-Paliers Bessey


The range of accessories, adapters and guides make Bug-O systems extremely versatile.

Bug-O Systems Group

Bug-O Systems is a Family-Owned business founded in 1948. The company has grown and evolved to become an Industry Leader in the design and manufacture of portable cutting and welding mechanization products.

Les produits Bug-O

Garrett Industrial Inc. offers you the complete range of Bug-O systems which are renowned for their economical, efficient and profitable solutions. Each piece of equipment is carefully designed to serve a specific function.

Garrett Industrial Inc. is a direct distributor of Bug-O Systems. Our company is active throughout Canada, including the provinces of Ontario (Greater Toronto Area) and Quebec (Montreal and surrounding areas).