Solid Marker Low Temperature Slim


*** must be ordered in boxes of 12 ***

Dries within minutes, and is permanent once dry. Solid Markers won’t fade or wash off like chalk. This marker is widely used in commercial and industrial applications in construction, welding & fabrication, pipelines & drilling, assembly lines, automotive tires & windshields, HVAC, plumbing systems or with stencils. Available in 11 colors. Working temperature range: -40°C ~ 100°C. Alcohol based cleaners will remove ink from non-porous surfaces. Fluorescent colors are not lightfast.

Meets ASTM and ACMI non-toxicity standards, and is AP seal certifi

XSCM-T-49, XSCM-T-50, XSCM-T-36, XSCM-T-19, XSCM-T-3,